A2 Athletics - Player Feedback
Player Feedback


I have been fortunate enough to work with Kevin both as a player for the past two seasons on the
NC Trailblazers and extensively for the past six months in one-on-one and small group sessions.  
He is extremely knowledgeable and does an excellent job analyzing strengths and weaknesses
and planning drills that will maximize individual player development.  He is also demanding yet
positive; I felt pushed during every practice or session, but I also felt encouraged by the feedback
and by my improvement.  I feel like I have improved many times over, especially as a result of the
one-on-one sessions, and I will definitely continue as long as he is available to work with me.  As a
player who transitioned from forward to defense this year, I also appreciated Kevin's versatility in
instruction.  He was happy to answer my questions and demonstrate things from basic positioning
to more advanced strategic play.  With his focus on hard work, heavy skating, and gaining and
maintaining peak conditioning, I also very much appreciated the game shape I was able to attain
and maintain throughout the season, thanks almost exclusively to his sessions and his drill
suggestions for stick and puck sessions I attended solo.  

I would recommend his instruction to any player looking to improve, develop, and maximize his or
her potential, from goalies to defense to forwards.  Kevin is truly committed to helping his players to
attain their goals and become the best players they can be.  I leave every session and practice
100% exhausted and 100% satisfied that I have learned, improved, and been exposed to a wide
variety of valuable skills, techniques, and strategies.  I can't imagine having come so far in my
personal skill development without his excellent coaching.  
Goalie Feedback


Coach Kevin Thomas has helped me train to become a better overall goaltender. He has helped me
work on every aspect of my game ranging from the physical aspect to the intense mental dynamics
of the game. He has helped me break some various bad habits and perfect some of the aspects of
my game that I have been fairly strong in.

Coach Kevin, being both a forward and goaltender, can bring the mental side of the game from
various positions. Being able to understand what a forward is thinking helps add to a goaltenders’
mental aspect. Knowing what to look for on various situations, such as a 2 on 1, allows a goalie to
prepare for whatever the offense throws at him.

He has helped get me in to some of the best shape of my hockey career with various goaltending
specific skating exercises. A practice with Coach Kevin wears you out on every level involved in
hockey. After a great skate, you will not only be physically, but also mentally. He has helped me
become a better goaltender in today’s game where just being able to stop the puck is only half of the

I want to praise the efforts and talents of Kevin Thomas, who for the past three and a half years
has been my daughter’s goalie coach. While Kevin has excellent teaching skills, what truly
impressed me was his ability to develop a bond of trust and communication with my daughter.
Without Kevin’s guidance, I don’t believe Rebecca would be playing at the level she is today.