Summer Showdown
 presented by A2 Athletics
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Summer Showdown -

The goal of the Summer Showdown is to utilize the resources available within North Carolina to create an opportunity to
grow and develop girls' and women's hockey in our area. By pulling together players of several different levels we can aid
in the development of our local youth players by providing a local and low cost festival. The showdown is marketed to
following players, youth (14+), women's travel, prep school,  ACHA and current and former NCAA players. This will
allow the players that have advanced to give back to the girls' hockey community in an enjoyable experience and share the
knowledge they have gained.
Festival Format -

There are two elements to the Summer Showdown Festival-

1. Summer Showdown Mini-Series (Games) *(14+ unless prior approval from the director)

Players (14+) will register as individuals and will be assigned to one of the two teams. The two teams will play a 3-game
series to determine the winner of the showdown.  

To register to the 2013 Summer Showdown - Mini-Series (Games), please use the online registration option (see link

Cost - $60 per player

Schedule -
Game #1 Saturday July 13th - 9:00am
Game #2 Saturday July 13th - 4:00pm
Game #3 Sunday July 14th - 9:00am

Location -
Raleigh Center Ice (RCI)
912 Hodges Street
Raleigh, NC 27608
Website -

Length of periods -
Three 15-minute stop-time periods. Game slots are 90 minutes.

Game warm-ups -
Three minutes. Warm-up will commence as soon as the players are allowed to take the ice and the referees are present.

Showdown Point System-
2 game points will be awarded per game based upon the following:
2 points for each game won
1 point for each game tied

3 period points will be awarded per game based upon the following:
1 point for each period won
.5 point for each period tied

Jerseys / Socks -
We will be loaning every player jerseys and socks for the Showdown. This will allow each team to look as professional as
possible while keeping the costs as low as possible. Upon registration players will be assigned a jersey number which will
allow us to make Summer Showdown programs so family and friends can identify all players.

Tournament Rules -
The Summer Showdown will use USA Hockey Adult Rules as the guide for all calls which include:
  • delayed off-sides
  • no-touch icings
  • 2 minute penalties
  • One exception - penalties will result in an automatic offensive zone face-off  

2. Summer Showdown Girls' Clinic  *(14 and Under)

At the conclusion of the games players will be invited to volunteer in an hour and a half clinic for girls' 14 and under. This
will allow the Summer Showdown to provide something for all age groups and will again utilize all the resources within our
area to enhance girls' hockey.

Date/Time - Sunday July 14th @ 10:40am
Location - Raleigh Center Ice
Clinic Cost - $5 per player

Please use the girls' online registration option above which will allow us to plan accordingly for the number of participants.
The $5 clinic fee will be collected at the door the day of the clinic.