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On-Ice Player Training
On-Ice Goalie Training
Individual Player Assessment
Off-ice Shooting Training
Dry-Land Training
Evaluate the Player/Goalie's Strengths and Weaknesses either while the individual is
participating in a game or during an individual training session. After the initial
assessment, a customized training plan will be developed. Every player is unique and
develops skills at different stages, so I do not believe in a cookie cutter approach to
training. Each Training session will be designed to isolate the player's weaknesses
and to develop new skills.

Cost - $45 * Includes
A2 Practice Jersey
On-Ice Individual Player Training sessions are conducted during stick and puck
sessions at local area Rinks.

Training sessions are tailored around the player's needs.

Emphasis is placed on -
  • Powerskating  
  • Lateral Movement - Crossovers, Pivots, tight turns and edge work.
  • Stickhandling / Puck Control
  • Shooting

Cost -$40 per session

* Please refer to
A2 Athletic Calendar for available Training Sessions
On-Ice Goalie Training -

I have noticed that most goalies are not exposed to individual training and are usually
just asked by their coaches to warm up and get in the net. There really isn't a lot of
time devoted to teaching the goalie proper technique and fundamentals. Another area
that hinders the goalie's progression is in practice and warm-ups the players are
usually shooting to score. This may expose the goalie's weaknesses but it does not
allow them to develop the skill they make lack.

On-Ice Training Sessions will focus on -

  • Butterfly technique
  • Angles
  • Lateral Movement
  • Rebound Control
  • Isolating weaknesses (i.e glove, blocker, foot speed etc.)

Cost -$40 per session
* Please refer to
A2 Athletic Calendar for available Training Sessions
Emphasis on overall muscle develop -
  • Wrist Shot - Quick Release, Placement and Velocity
  • Slap Shot - Proper Technique, Weight Transfer and Accuracy
  • Snap Shot - Quick Release and Placement

Cost - $20 per session
Dry Land Training is custom tailored to each individual but emphasis is placed on -

  • Foot Speed
  • Eye Hand Coordination
  • Stickhandling
  • Endurance
  • Plyometrics

Cost - $20 per session
Skate Sharpening
A2 Athletics skate sharpening is ran out of my home;
without overhead I am able to pass the savings on to the
customer. Another benefit is the flexible hours, for more
information about the skate sharpening service please
contact me at (919)368-6613 or kjthoma2@gmail.com

Cost - $4