Student Recommendations
Before I had class with Ms. Cave, math wasn't something I had an interest in,
but after my first week of class things changed. I had the pleasure of having
Ms. Cave as a math instructor for two semesters. She is a gifted teacher and
wants you to learn. I have never had a math teacher work so hard to help her
students succeed. I wish I could have her as an instructor for the remainder of
my math courses because I truly believe there's isn't a better teacher!  
-    Jennie
Ms. Cave is an excellent math teacher because she encourages active
learning from her students.  She does this through her many techniques to get
her students to understand the concepts.  Ms. Cave is constantly motivating
them with enthusiasm, asking many questions, and never moves on unless you
understand.  She is full of energy, always smiling, positive, and provides
constructive feedback.

She is professional, respectful and always patient with ever student.  She is
most comfortable with every diversity of students and their backgrounds
ranging from the youngest to the oldest student.

Ms. Cave is dedicated and committed to doing her job effectively.  She knows
many techniques to so many math concepts and is able to relate most of them
to her students’ lives.

Ms. Cave will certainly improve our logic, critical thinking, and problem solving
skills.  She explains math equations as they would relate to every component
of most students’ lives.  She is able to make you feel more than capable.

I have thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Cave’s math and would recommend any student
to use her tutoring services or enroll in any of her classes.

-    Marce’